Sunday, May 5, 2013

A life filled with love

I know I haven't posted a blog on here for well over a year.  So much has changed since I last posted,  I've come back to from the Philippines after two amazing but crazy years of midwifery and ministry.

If I was honest I haven't posted anything because I was to scared people would judge me or would understand what I've been though the last year and a half. The previous posts were about my adjustments and highlights as I began the journey to be a midwife and learn to live within a impoverished nation.

Yet things changed following my time of furrow back in the summer of  2011. I was excited and ready to go back to the Philippines, to continue to serve the muslim women I had met, to engage the culture and just be a midwife!  In the end I did all those things but I ran into obstacles along the way. Obstacles that I never imagined I'd have to face.... yet they I did....

I remember sitting down at McDo... ( yep I'm loving it...) around Christmas  2011 and coming to the conclusion that the Missionary life is hard. You don't hear about the struggles, the chaos, and the heartache much when you hear someone speak at a luncheon or sunday service.

Yet I think sometimes people need to know.... Over the next few blogs I am wanting to share a few of those stories.... BTW... they may not be the typical issues you might think someone might face on the mission field....