Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almost at 2 months!!!

Guess what? I am almost a week away from hitting the 2 month mark! That is kinda scary, but its been such an amazing journey.
I seen 7 births, done prenatals, done some charting, helped with newborn exams, did a three week check-up by myself (a very busy day shift!).
I've learned so much and its only the begining. Last week I took my first trip outside of Agdao/Obero area on a motorcyle with Ashton another 1st year to SM one of the larger malls in the city. I got a small burn on my leg, the driver thought I was already off the bike and he tried to take off, so I brushed my leg and got a decent size burn.
Last week I couldn't sleep, I woke up around 8 and made a milo bananna smoothie and then went off and had coffee with another students. Not a very smart idea because I had night shift. so around noon I couldn't sleep, I decided that I would walk to victoria and get my hair cut! So instead of sleeping I went and got my hair cut. I did finally get to sleep for 4-5 hours!
Within the last week I also tagged along with a transport to DMC the local gov hospital in Davao. I still haven't heard any news about the baby we had to transport. I assume that he is better because I was invited to go along Friday to go see him. However I've been sick the last four days, so I'll have to ask next time I'm at the clinic.
Tuesday night I started feeling sick during night shift. I ended up sitting on the couch for the last hour of shift because I was to dizzy to help out. So I spent Wed morning in the air con room, trying to sleep. So I spent all day Wed either in the air con room or on my bed (18 hours of sleep), except for an hour language class and I tried to relax on the balcony when I was awake. I had a slight fever but by thurs morning it was gone. Since thursday I've had random cramps and nausea off and on. It seems to fading away, so that is a good thing. Yesterday I finally got to work on my assignment for a couple hours, and walk to Mc'ds.
This morning I woke up craving to go to church, but because my stomach was up upset I felt that I needed to stay home. So today was my day of rest, around 3 Ashton and I decided to go to Gmall and buy some food for the month (lemon ginger tea,fruit juices,couple cans of sprite- just in case I am not over my sickness). We didn't get back until after 6. We ended up walking though the mall and trying on cloths.
I spent a little more then I was expecting, but it was what i needed. Next month I get to go on the Ise Verde outreach which is every other thursday. Since it is a muslim area I was told to wear long skirt and 3/4 or long sleeve shirt, if you had one. I have one shirt that fits that catergory, and I don't have any long skirts. I wasn't really looking for cloths today, and I really wasn't sure if I could even find my size, but I DID! Two skirts, and then I came across random surplus store and it had american clothes, ( americian sizes is the word I should use) so I decided to walk in and I didn't find anything, however while Ashton was in another store I decided to go though the front sales bin and I found old navy (or so it says old navy, not sure it really is) plain t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts, the really thin ones in my size!!! So I tried a couple on and looked at the sales price they were about $3-4 american, then I found another sign - old navy long sleeve shirts 2 for 99 pesos- which is about $1 a shirt. So I got 4 long sleeve shirt and two t-shirts for about $6. So the sales price of 2 for 99 included the t-shirts as well.
I love adventures like that!
Then I got home and watched a movie, the stoning of soyra m. Its a true story about a french journalist in Iran and the story of the stoning of a young women named Soyra. It was really hard movie to watch because of the truth behind it, by the end I was crying.
Its almost midnight I need to get some sleep, I have class at 2 and 3:30, then night shift, and I need to get up early and get some work done.

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