Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Random update

So.. I've decided to finally update everyone on my life here in Davao....

Things I've come to love....

  • Mercy- the clinic- the staff, my classmates
  • Seeing babies come into the world!
  • Prenatals....devotions, health teachings, and a time to serve and be teachable
  • quiet peaceful night shifts
  • Air con sleeping room after night shift... an amazing blessing! After night shift I get curly up with my blanket and sleep with my warm sweats and a t-shirt.
  • The balcony, a place of rest and a place to really focus and study
  • Riding motorcyles to coffee shops
  • coffee house study times (amazing coffee and air con -always makes my day, plus I get a lot- most of the time)
  • taking pictures of random things
  • rain and watching the storms come in from the balcony
  • SKYPE!
  • My bed the Top bunk- I know kinda weird, but I fan right above my bed, and I have my pictures up, its just my home away from home.
  • random shopping trips to Gmall and Victoria
  • random ice cream sundaes at Mc'ds... its like 50 cents... plus its a 15 min walk, so its amazing fellowship, a hot carmel or hot fudge sundae, and a nice little walk especially in the evening
  • riding the trices motorcyles with little add on carts... plus you can see how many people you squeeze onto one... I've seen 8.
  • the sunrise... this only happens when I have day shift, but its amazing just to sit up on the balcony (up on the railing) and read my bible and listen to music
  • community life... dinners m-f, cooking together, amazing fellowship and prayer
  • riding the jeepneys around town, its always fun trying to tell the driver I want off HERE!
  • Friday night joint dinners with the green house plus group devotions.
  • Davao in general

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