Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Word of Life

So its 1 in the morning here in Davao. Its been raining since about 3 yesterday afternoon and has been do so off and on. so its actually a bit cold. However I am finding that I enjoy every moment in which I can be in long pant and not be dripping in sweat. Especially when I'm in the birthroom!

Yes i am in the birthroom! Night Shift. I should probably be sleeping or doing homework, but I'm not. : ) Actually I've been listening to 1 john online and eating KFC (we can get KFC ,Pizzia Hut, McDonalds delivered (how awesome is that!), however we couldn't get the phone to work, so Ashton and I made a quick run to Gmall to KFC before they closed).

Pete and Nita Bergman got me a study Bible for my birthday last year and I just found out that I got free access to an online ESV Bible. Its amazing, I now have an account and I can get onto it with any computer that I can get internet access on. So I decided to take my computer to the clinic and use it.

I also have access to diffrent devotional as well from the same site, plus it also has a notes page. So its been fun trying to figure out how everything works. Its been nice to highlight diffrent passages in diffrent colors and be able to keep notes as I read. I've been reading though psalm 119 all summer and so today I got to go though and highlight and really sort though my thoughts on certain passages.

One of my goals is to memorize 1 john, and haven't made much progress. So I'm going to start working on it again. (during quiet shifts, listening online while doing homework.)

I'll update later... it might not be a quiet shift afterall....

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