Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Night Shift and Fredric the rubber Ducky!

I had my 2nd birthroom shift last night! We didn't have any births or labors. It was a very quiet night. I still haven't seen a birth happen here at mercy. During my first shift I had langauge class and a lady gave birth while I was in class. However I know that it will come soon!

My next shift is swing shift on Thursday.

Let me introduce Fredic! He is a little rubber Ducky that I got way from Virginia and Victoria in 2007. I took up to TWU with me but forgot him sadly when I went to Niger. So he is my travel buddy! On my facebook I have an album in which I will post picture of Fredric at diffrent places around Davao!

I spent most of my night reading though Psalms, Luke and Romans last night. It was a quiet shift and so I spent the night just before the Lord in his word. It was great just to be able to relax and just reflect on what has happened in the last few weeks. It was a huge blessing! Thank you Jesus!

I've been having a hard time adjusting to the noisy and busy lifestyle he in Davao. Coming from a very small town I really took the quietness for granted and its really hard to find even an hour of quiet time here. So for me the quiet shift was really refreshing!

prayer requests

I have an assignment due Friday 17th. Prayers that I can manage my time with shifts and class. That I could get it done early.

This Friday as a class/group- We are going to Outland Adventure for the day. Pleast pray for protection in travel and while we are going though the ropes course and team building activities.

Please continue to pray that I will find a church here in Davao

Please continue to lift up the clinic and the staff here at Mercy Maternity!

my schedule
mon/thurs language class
wed- class
Thursday swing shift
Sunday night shift

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