Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I just got back from Clinic, which is pre-natals. I'm working clinic every Friday and I least 1 Monday a month. Every monday it is pre-natal Monday and its for new patients. Then each patient is given a day to come back.... so if she is get scheduled to come back of Friday's then she will continiue to be seen on Friday's.

We had 77 pre-natals today! So it was busy, it took almost three hours to finish. I am finding that the language barrier to be really hard. Most of the women know a little English, but my desire is to learn Bisiyan. I would love it if you could pray that I would learn Bisiyan very quickly, I am begining to understand it but I finding that I am also becoming irritated that I don't know what to say or reply back to the patient. God is really teaching me patience in this area, and I know that in time I will be able understand and speak Bisiyan.

So during clinic today I got to learn how to measure the fundal height, feel for the baby's postition, and well as listen to the baby's heart tones. I ended up having one patient where her baby was in the breech portion. So that was interesting I wasn't sure if I was feeling the head or the baby's back because she was only 26 weeks.

prayer requests

Please pray that I can really use my time well here
pray for the clinic and staff
Pray that we will be able to learn Bisiyan quickly

Please pray that I will find a church body to connect with here in Davao.
pray that I will continue to let God be the one that leads me in all that I do.
Pray that I would have a desire to read God's word and take the time to do so.

thank you again for your prayers!!

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