Wednesday, August 25, 2010

prayer and fellowship

I was so blessed tonight by the time I got to spend praying for Muslims. It was so amazing to be apart of a ministry such as Mercy Maternity and see how God is using this ministry to bless people here and around the world.

So many people that come though Mercy Maternity go on to other parts of the world. I knew that the midwifery world is very tightly knit group, but even here the opportunities are endless, if your heart is stirring for a region or country, a contact can be made. Even tonight I got meet an intern that is going to work with IMB but is being self-supported in North Africa.She also has a heart for Muslims women and maternal health care issues in North Africa. Super cool! It was an amazing blessing even getting to meet her. Plus I have shift with her, not to mention it my first shift in the birthroom!!!! All I can say is swing shift thursday will be amazing!

I'll update after shift! Right now I am off to bed, because I have shadowing in the morning 7:45, then shift 2-10, plus language class 3:30-5.. busy busy day ahead...

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

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