Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Orange house and Mercy Maternity

Above is a couple pictures of the Orange house

Today I got to go over and get a tour of the clinic. My first shift is swing shift on the 26th. Every Friday I will be during prenatals.On the 31st and sept 5th I have night shift.

*note the wall painting is in the prenatal waiting room upstairs in the clinic.

So thats the update on my schedule for now!

Prayer requests
Outreach opportunity
On Thursday's and Sunday's the clinic does outreach around Davao, doing prenatals. I am interested in the Thursday rotation to Is Ver, its a poor Muslim area in Davao. The Thursday outreaches don't go towards school credits the outreach is strictly if you want to and you can fit them in. The Saturday can be used for credit because there is more traveling involved and have been around for a while.
Many of you know that I want to work among Muslims and I really feel that this could be a possible outreach opportunity for me. Pray that I would have wisdom in making a commitment to going to Is Ver if that is where the Lord wants me, if its going each time (2-3 times a month), or once a month, or not at all.

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