Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orientation to Davao!

Well I’ve been in Davao for about a day now, within the last 48 hours I’ve maybe seen 5 hours of sleep with my flights and time changes. However I am thankful in the midst of being tired as I’ve come to start Newlife.

The class of 2012 is the largest Newlife class, Posted below is our group picture (- Maria because is already in Davao). Friday afternoon I went down to Oregon for Orientation until Monday where we got to stay with two former missionaries that worked with the ministries that krys and Matt McNeil have in Davao. Their love for us and their love for the Philippines really helped me understand some insights behind Newlife and the program I am now in.

The weekend came and went as we went to Cannon beach, climbed up Mt.Neahkanie at Oswald West State Park. ,It rained on us but oh well, it cleared up a little by the time we got to go back into cannon beach.

So Sunday we attended Church and finalized packing! Early Monday we got onto the plane with only about 10 min to take off because a couple girls got stopped at the security. With hardly any time to spare we boarded the flight to Seattle.

In Seattle I spent most of my time calling people before I got on the international flight. Internet was in and out in the terminal so calling ended up being the option during the 5 hour layover.

Korea, our first stop in Asia after 11.5 hours on the plane, we landed late afternoon with a cloudy grey sky with a huge brightly colored rainbow just outside our terminal gate. With only an hour to our next flight we found ourselves sprawled out on the floor trying to find a comfortable place to rest before the next flight. 5 or 6 of us didn’t feel very good after the flight so the floor seemed very inviting! With a little rest I finally got some sleep because I remember nothing of the flight to Manila because I slept right though!
thank you again for your prayers as I go on in the journey.
romans 15:13 May the God of hpe fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy spirit you may abound in hope.
May the Nations hear about HIM

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