Tuesday, March 15, 2011

whole hearted devotion

While I was on the farm I started reading " The signature of Jesus" by Brennan Manning... I didn't get but three chapter in during the week, but I wanted to share a little about what God was teaching me...

To begin I've decided i would read though the Bible in one year using my ESV study bible online resource... which has about 10 devotions that I can use online ( thanks Pete and Nita for getting me the study Bible!).

I've used it a lot when I'm on shift on night shift when the lights are off and I can just sign in and listen or read my bible and use the different devotions... (so I don't have to disturb anyone its a quite shift and I don't want to sleep.)

So I started about two weeks ago... I'm all most though Genesis and the first chapter in the book was discussing the road from "Haran to Canaan" The sacrife, that Abraham made, the leap of faith he took as he followed God... To pick up and leave everything, to believe in God's promises even when they seem crazy... impossible...

Lets jump to Matt... 4 " you will be fishers of men..." "come and follow me"... What does that mean... I don't think the disciples or Abraham knew what was going to be next... yet they walked in faith... Did they have doubts... yes... do we have doubts.... How many times has the church or lets take it to a personal level...how many times have you doubted God? How many times have you heart the voice of the Lord and didn't respond...? Did it seem impossible, unrealistic, stupid, foolish?

I can't lie and that I haven't doubted God... I've wrestled with God, I've had to stop and just think... really God u want me to do this... your saying that to me...I don't understand...Yet he also takes back to the cross... He shows me the condition of my heart, his grace flows, his cleaning blood falls upon me...

* Why did u call me the Philippines... will you come though Oh God
*Will you provide
* Africa?
* I'm a single and you want to work among Muslims?? What...?

I'm the God that takes the things that look impossible and make them possible!!

"Lord increase my Faith" the end of chapter 1...

The cry of my heart is for your glory to fall... there is a yearning again a thirst for discipline...

It all comes back to Jesus... The cross...

Chapter 3..
1. The courage to take up the cross
2. the willingness to forgive
3. The discovery of where true wisdom lies
4The surrender of the heart of reckless love

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