Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Break.... free time... I'm not sure what to do with that

So what does free time mean? Its Christmas Break...

I'm in the Philippines.... its low 30 C and depending on the day its rainy and 25 C. Its the weirdest weather I've been in during Christmas.

I can't complain. I love the snow and cold, but... I'll be heading off to Samal Island day after Christmas for a couple of days!! Get some beach time, motorbike across the island, see the bat cave, amazing waterfalls... and oh so much more!

I'm on break but I still have a few things to look over, I have one last question to finish on one of my past assignments. A month ago I lost 8 pages or so of my assignment and I rushed together the last little bit and now I have to redo a few question. Oh well, the first part was almost perfect so I had a feeling that would have to redo the last couple questions. Its nutrition so I can have some fun with putting it together. Just one more question anyways. : )

I also have Cebuano to practice and continue to study. I've only had two classes in the last 5 weeks, either from being sick, or being in the bukid. We had two weeks of review, one week was the week I was in the bukid. So I got to review the first couple lessons and get the basics down. Now I need to continue on... self study... sometimes I would prefer to be in a place where I am engaged in the language 24/7 so I could practice more, and I don't hear my native language all the time. It would make things so nice... or at least that is my theory... since I would be speaking it more, and the people wouldn't be speaking English to me.

I am so ready to have a day of rest, its been one thing that I've tried to keep is at least 1-2 days a month where I could just rest, reflect and just spend time with the Lord. Sadly it didn't happenas much as I wanted it to.... with baby checks, and shifts. It will be something that I will work into my schedule once we start up again.

It will feel weird not having something to do, or to work on. I'm excited about it however I know its going to be weird, and my brain will be working a million miles a min, trying to figure out what to do.... rest... That is one thing God is telling me to do... rest, rest my child.... rest in who he is, rest and just reconnect.

To begin my break I am off to watch a movie, and then bed... time to relax!

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