Friday, December 3, 2010

Everything... but catching a baby...

So I am on night shift.... and I am last up... even though my last baby was the 23rd. Crazy, we have had lots of conts come in. Otherwise its been slow.

Being last up I got endorsed a immediate, so I got to everything but catch the baby and chart. So

I got some baby time... yay!

while cleaning and charting and assisting, and doing what ever need to be done

To have a servents heart has been my prayer. I got to see what it means to serve tonight, I got to witness my classmate catch her first baby! YAY! Baby Girl....

then in the middle of charting I got to go assist, the chart for another birth. All within about 20 min. So much for a quiet shift.

I even transported a patient to DMC by myself...

Now I am next up, and I may be able to catch a baby before I go off to the bukid.... we will see : )

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