Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The cost for following Christ

Last week while in the Bukid our team decided to go up the mountain to another town further up the road. We didn't stay because the roads were really bad and they were expecting more rain. However God yesterday really convicted me of having a doubtful heart and unaware spirit as I was reflecting on my experiences.

We got to this one village around noon weds and the whole time my heart felt really heavy, oppressed, and all I could think was we needed to get away. As we unloaded the truck, the moskit nets were passed out and we went up to the back room on the little sari-sari store (little store, sells coke, candy...etc). We decided to just rest in the upstairs room, because we were not allowed to travel outside the court yard, which again irritated me. It wasn't until after we got to the other town, that I noticed that there was the spiritual oppression that overshadowed the village. While I tried to rest in the sari-sari store I couldn't rest, I just felt overwhemed (claustrophobic) it was like someone was choking me, I couldn't breath, it kept getting worse as an old man outside the sari-sari store started chanting on and on outside the building.
Finally I just asked God to allow me to sleep, soon after I fell asleep but again woke up with the overshadowing pressure upon me.

On Thursday night we freely got to discuss our time in the bukid with ate mary jean and her husband Kua June. Sure enough we had all felt the spiritual oppression while being in the last village. As we discussed what had happened, Mary Jean told us of the spiritual opression that held that village. The story that really touched me was of the old sick man that was demon possessed accepted Christ, but died a couple days later, and then during VBS one of the workers was presenting the gospel and as he began to share he stopped because he was being choked, and the only thing that released him was though Prayer. Two years ago they started work in that village and last week was only the 2nd team of mercy students to go with her.

Yesterday in the Orange house I got to have a discussion with Amber and Nikki about what had happen and the idea of spiritual warefare, I've seen it.... yes, though I don't always see it as it is. Sadly I feel that living in the west as shadowed my eyes. I feel that the doubt of not understanding and the doubt of unbelief in the reality of this subject hinders so many people. For many its scary, for many its a reality of life, for many it seems like a fairy tale.

The reality that though Prayer and by the Cross Jesus has the victory!

So many question come to mind, so many to ponder...

Would u die for Christ? Would you give your life?

What does that look like?

What does it take to take a stand for Christ?

prayer request....

Since coming back from the bukid God has continued to open my eyes to the muslim world and working in rural areas.

I'm planning on attending a muslim background church first sunday in Jan... I work day the rest of the month and am attending an evening service at the foursquare church. I am praying that I can attend the MBC in the mornings and then every other sunday night attend evening service.

The pastor the the MBC is an american and his wife came from a muslim family but now follows Christ.

When I've gotten to speak about my heart to work with Muslims, its been really disappointing, sad, please pray for the Philippino church to catch God's heart for Muslim here in Davao and else where on the island. So many people feel that muslims are unreachable, unstable, and unpredictable and lost with no hope. That they are Muslim and they will stay that way. Yet We have Jesus and he is the hope of all the nations! I know part of it is I am young, and single and they are worried about me, yet the safest place is where God calls you. My prayer is for nationals to rise up and reach their own people here in the Philippines.

I have a test of Monday, and I only have this week to finish because of outreach...

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