Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A time to reflect

So I spent the first part of my week away from Davao, away from the noise, the lights, away from Mercy, and spent three wonderful days on the island of Samal.

Its about 45 min trip from Mercy.... 20 min taxi, 20 min ferry ride....

I got off shift at 2 on Sunday and we arrived in Samal around 4. After the short ferry ride and a 10 min motor Ashton and I ended up at Precious Gardens of Samal.

It was perfect, cute little room, beachline, floating cottage, a simple garden to explore, amazing homemade food. Great pizzia, yummy complementry breakfast. Air Con.

So Sunday and Monday we spent at Precious catching up on sleep, going out to the beach, having dinner out on the floating cottage.

Tuesday was the day where we took a motot tour of the island. 6 hours of dirt roads : )

I was a little sore by the end but it was so so worth it!! We had a small map and we just pointed to diffrent places and then we stopped every hour or so to rest, go to diffrent beaches, walk around little beachfront villages, walk down steep trails to the waterfalls.

Once we got onto the other side of Samal, the rice fields it was like I wasn't even in the city, that is was miles away. The quiet farmland, the simple sounds of the ocean the tide and no city in sight! At Precious you are facing Davao so you can see the warehouse district and all the lights, however once you go to the other side of Samal, nothing but little islands and green trees. It made my heart sing, renewed!

While I was on Samal I got some time to reflect and just be with Jesus. It was so amazing, no distractions, I could sit out on the dock and just look at the stars. It was just what I needed!

So many times Ashton and I would look back at each other and let of a squil with delight because we were in the Philippines, its seems crazy, yet in many cases it is just that. (She is 20 and I am 21) We felt Gods call and packed up everything and said "Here am I send me", we both feel that God is calling us to be midwives, both of us have a desire to see lives changed, we want to use midwifery to impact the nations for Christ.

So many people have a dream yet don't go after it. So many people wait because they don't want to fail or feel they don't have all the pieces....They feel so small too young, not eqquiped to do so. If God gave us all the pieces it wouldn't be walking by faith.

Is it hard to leave everything??... yes it is.... its it worth it??... yes it I feel unsure sometimes....yes...daily I have to let God take my hands and lead me, in HIM I find my strength to continue on.

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  1. Hi, Heidi, I'm so glad you got those few days to rest and reflect and pray and take it all in!

    I especially appreciate your insights into people who have a dream but don't pursue it, thinking they don't have all they need to go forward. It IS all about faith, isn't it?! Bless you for going forward in FAITH!

    Yes, it's hard to leave so much behind, but bless your heart for knowing it is worth it -- worth so much more, and knowing that what you're doing has an eternal impact! Bless you as you enter 2011 and as you find your strength in God!