Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Hope..... Jesus you are all that I live for....

Well its 10:30 am and I just finished my 1st day baby check. Its been a quiet day shift, I didn't sleep well last night, but I got two hours of sleep because nothing was happening. : ) now I feel rested and refreshed ready to take on the day.

In an hour I'm taking my nutrition exam and turning in my assignment : )

Then at 1:15 I'm off to math for a review session and then the final exam... I'm almost done!

Jesus thank you for you faithfulness. Its been a crazy month with classes, catching babies, baby checks, but in the midst of the crazy schedule God has blessed me with amazing friendships, and a Philippino church to attend.

Its been three month since I boarded the plane in Portland and landed in Davao city.

In the last three months I've ....

  • I've learned to manage my time

  • I've learned that with God's grace I can live in a big city

  • I've learned to love the big city even though its so hard to find quiet time

  • I've observed, charted, assisted and got to catch babies

  • I've gone on the longest zip-line in Asia

  • I've cooked many meals : ) over 20 people

  • I've made homemade chicken noodle soup and chicken and rice

  • I've learned to make pretzels, homemade bread, tortillas
  • I've like balut... yes I said I like balut... it wasn't bad at all... it tasted like turkey and eating an egg yoke with it

  • I've come to enjoy sleeping on the top bunk

  • I've had many nights shift

  • I've come to enjoy night shifts then getting to sleep in the air con

  • I've come to love coffee shops to study and to have long talks

  • I love taking jeepneys around town

  • I love the Philippino culture

  • I love seeing all the kids at church

  • I've found a home church or at least a home church when I'm in the Philippines

  • I'm begining to understand Cebuano, speaking not so much but its progress

Its been the hardest 3 months of my life, at times I've felt hopeless, frusterated, unsure, homesick, and so many other emotions. I've seen new life, and I've seen death. I've had many nights where all i could do is stay up late and sit out on the balcony (11-midnight when its quiet)and reflect on what I've seen, cry, wrestle with my feelings, and just wait on the Lord.

However God has continued to show me his grace and faithfulness. I've learned so much while being here about myself, about the Lord. I've learn to surrender everything. I've learned that my joy comes from the Lord and He is my hope. My hope can't be in anyone else but Jesus.

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