Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its been a long day...

On Sunday I woke up with the idea that it would be great spend the day in the baking. So I got together all that I needed and went off to Victoria, G-mall and Bankerhan the large market in Davao. In the end we had two bananna cream pies, mango tarts, veggie pizzia, homemade ranch dip, and orange chocolate cookies. (It was my idea, but Ashton decided she want to join me... So I wasn't alone )

For those that know me well, I am sure you can picture this... I spent the whole day baking and well by the end I was feeling well because I didn't eat much.... at the market I had a chocolate milk drink and stick rice and that was all I had except the test tasting going on during the day. I started to get a sore throat after the rice and chocolate. It never crossed my mind I was getting sick. Around 8 I went out with Ashton to get Mozzarella... I know it wasn't the best food, but it was so good.

Anyways Monday came and went, went out with Maria for dinner and coffee. Had prenatals... my sore throat came back around 10pm and just kept getting worse. I don't think I slept much over 2 hours. Around 3 I wasn't sure if I was going to make it day shift Tuesday morning because I wasn't sure if I could keep anything done. However I finally got the two hours of sleep and woke up at 5:30... an hour after my alarm was set to go off. I was going to text my supervisor around 5 and ask if I should come in or if I should stay home. So 5:30 I jump out of bed, sore throat gone, took a cold shower, ate, and made it to clinic by 5:45.

Birthroom lost of postpartums... no labors.. yay maybe a quiet shift, maybe some time to sleep since my sore thoat had disappeared. At 6:05 endoresement... I find i am first up and labor is in the CR comfort Room... AKA bathroom. Patient comes out and I notice she is holding the baby head inside with her hand and she is fully and baby is coming... I could of had a CR birth.... Everyone rushes in to get the bed ready... O2 tanks... birthcart, patient is on bed.. 3 cm head visible without pushing... thick mec... baby had passes stool so the water was stained... so deep suction ready and baby out at 6:09 am... crazy morning... woke up late, got to clinic, labor comes in ... baby out within 30 min of getting out of bed... nice wake up call?

My 5th handle 37th birth I've seen here at Mercy. Around 8:30am let the crazy times begin... first taxi arrives... horn is going off.. non-stop... taxi driver isn''t sure what to do... baby out 2min before arriving at MMC. Run grab blanket, cord clamp, cut cord, hold towel up to try and give privacy, huge crowd. Grab wheel chair... take baby in get mother to bed.... wait for placenta to come. Check Baby... baby fine...

A busy morning shift I okay with that... 9am baby checks... my sore throat returns.. it returns and take my voice away. It was hard to speak cebuano.. now I was trying to talk and all that was coming out was high pitch Cebunao words. At least I could speak but I had to keep repeating myself... so by the end of shift my voice was just done... I could speak I just had to raise my eyebrows yes, shake my head no and just point to someone who could speak.... my throat wasn't painful it was just I could speak... so noon.. discharge my patient she goes home... Ashton's patient pushing... and next thing you know I am charting... Baby girl out at 1:18 pm.

So two births lots of baby checks and taxi birth. A busy shift but good shift even though I couldn't speak. Around 2:30 I got home to the Orange house, herbs class 3pm. We made tintures, and othe herbal recipes.. So that was fun...my group made garlic salve used for chest colds, ear infections, etc... and also crampbark tincture used to help with cramps and other things... some people made sleep aid tinctures, cough med... It was nice because I could help out but didn't have to talk. Around 3:40 I took a nap and woke up about 5 min before dinner... it was french toast and baked oatmeal, fruit salad... yum... so so good.... so I sit down and try and speak and nothing comes out... So the only other thing I could so was use sign language.

Even now I still can't speak. My throat is sore but not painful. I feel fine, I took a few drops of the cough med that we made today in herbs, so that had helped and also herbal tea. So I feel much better right now.

well I am off to bed... praying that I can have my voice back by thursday shift, and/or friday I have prenatals and i can't really be that useful at prenatals with a crackly voice or no voice at all. I would love prayer just that I would just be able to rest in Christ, rest even though I am sick, I can't speak, that I may use this time wisely.

Thanks for you prayers!

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