Tuesday, November 16, 2010

life of a midwife

Life as a midwife.... I've come to be flexible with the crazy schedule... because babies can come into the world at anytime... Once the baby is born a flexible schedule is a must as well with baby checks.... Its a lifestyle... its apart of who I am and I thank the Lord for giving me the grace to handle it all and the courage just to trust Him.

Today I have been pondering Isaiah 52:7 and the first portion is also found in romans 10:15 ....

How beautiful upon the mountains

are the feet of him who brings good news,

who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness,

who publishes salvation,

who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

How beautiful are the feet of him who bring good news. When I look back in my own life i am so thankful for those that took the time to share the story of Jesus with me. I am thankful for those that went onto the mountain top and walked with me during my trials, in the midst of pain and tears. I thankful for those people that published the truth into my life, and I am thankful that God began to soften my heart. I was taken by his love!

My prayer now is that I could be the hands and feet of Jesus where ever I go. While I'm at Mercy, out and about in Davao. When I am at the Orange House. My my lips continue to sing his Praise.

Labor Story

Last night I got endorsed a patient from swing shift. It was the first patient in which I got to labor with though the night (labor watch). Sadly night shift was crazy kaayo (much/very) busy, we transported a couple patients, and two patient came in very active and had their babies within an hour of addmission. So my patient a G1(first baby) did so well even though the birthroom was busy. By the end she was getting really tired and I could just see her struggles as she just wanted the labor pains to stop and she was afraid that she might be the next one transported. At the end of shift she was still only 8 cm dilated and i couldn't help but stay, I had been her support though the night alongside her boyfriend, I was the one coming in every half hour to check heart tones and the one she could lean on when the contractions started to get strong.

I could just endorse her however thoughout the night God kept telling me that I needed to stay until she delivered. At first I wanted to fight it, (couldn't I just get off shift and go sleep in air con and sleep a good 7 hours since it was first night shift where I didn't need to be up 11:30 am)... (my response to God ) yes I watched her all night but I am so new at this, someoe with more experience could take care of her. I finally got the courage to ask my supervisor around 5 am if I could stay and she said I needed to ask the super on Day Shift. However at endoresemnts I didn't get a chance (I still was deciding at this point) becuase the super from night shift started off endorsement saying that we had not labors to endorse and that I was going to stay with my patient, and I would finish it all books, charting, baby exam and so on...SO THE CHOICE WAS MADE... It was actually what was best for her, because right after endorsements they talked about transporting her, but since I was going to stay on day they would give her some grace until 8 to show progess. So at 8 she was 9 cm... sl progress enough to let her stay. ( yay!! I was going to catch a baby (4th catch handle)...maybe... praying that I would, praying she wouldn't be transported... I was a little baby deprived as well... 6 days without catching a baby : ( three quiet shift (no births) can do that!)

So I labored with her on though the night and then on day shift. So from about 8:30 I tried diffrent pushing positions and at 9:45 finally some progress (pushing) and at 10:10 a BB boy Jacyle Davis... 6lbs 15 oz... yay! Since I was from night shift she became my countinuity patient (two weeks ago I got to do her prenatals) which meant that I did everything baby bath, newborn exam, shots, charting, birth certificate. Its a life on a midwife long hours...

Thank you Lord for the safe birth and no transport! I couldn't help but shead a couple of tear with her as Jaycle was born. She had a long active labor. However Jaycle finally decicded to join us!

I didn't get off of shift until 1:30 pm + a baby check. A half hour more I would of been on shift for 16 hours. I loved it, I got to see what it means to be a midwife and walk with a patient, even though I was tired I couldn't help but be joyful and praise the Lord for his protection. For his faithfulness.

I also got to see Ate Bai and Muhammad.. He is now two weeks old! So cute, very quiet little boy. I had to hold him for a while because we had to wrap his foot up in a hot pad so we didn't have to keep poking him for the newborn screening.

After shift I had just enough time to grab a cold shower and go off to herbs for two hours, and then a coffee shop to start my herbs assignment... I know crazy I should of gone to bed, but I've had a hard time falling asleep here without waking up at random times, so I wanted to stay up until at least 7 so i could maybe stay asleep all night. I would love prayer that I would be able to sleep peacefully. After being up for 34 hours I finally got to bed between 9 and 10. I slept all night woke up at daylight around 5am but fell right back to sleep within a few min and woke up to a baby check at 9:45am. 12 hours... thank you Lord!

Pics below...

Charting for the birth of Jaycle Davis

Muhammad and I two weeks old

Jaycle Davis

family photo

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