Sunday, November 7, 2010

A new week

So its a new week in Davao.

  • My first full week of shift where I am able to catch babies.
  • Its my first week of baby checks.
  • First week where I don't have night shift :(

I feel like I am finally getting used to the weather here, I'm finally getting used to cold showers, I'm alway taking a jacket everywhere even when its 90's-100's outside because I am cold when I go into a building with air con. I'm getting used to using my phone to text instead of calling people. i'm learning to read Cebuano : ), I'm learning the best way to speak Cebuano is just to say what I am thinking and if its wrong its okay.

Prayer requests

Please pray that I can figure out my money situtation. My debt card isn't working. I'm not sure why, I think its something back in the States, the ATM is saying that the problem is that the bank is down and it isn't reponding to the request. So I'm down to maybe 70 peso and I won't be able to get money until Tuesday morning at the earliest. Its not a huge problem, since I don't have any plans that require me to spend money this week, but I would like to get money out for my next visa payment which is coming up.

On thursday I am going to talk to the Compassion workers at Davao Foursquare in the morning. I am super excited to be able to spend at least a couple days a month working with kids again. I don't think I will be able to do so in Nov, but I am going go meet the translators talk to the director of the compassion program, and try and get a couple dates set up in Dec where I can come and help out with a few classes.

Please pray that the Lord would show me what age group to work with, ( 3-5, 6-8,9-11,12-14)and if I should help weekly, biweekly or once a month. I am currently praying also about joining the young adults sunday school class which is at 8am on Sundays. I can't always make it because I have day shift, so it would be off and on.

What I will be doing......

9th and 10th swing shift

12th day shift

assignment due and exam on the 12th

baby checks monday (2x), wed, sat

math and stat last full week yay! 3 classes 5 days a week I've been so tired. Kapoy ko!

math ends 14th, stats 16th.

Herbs class starts 17th - assignment and exam 29th.

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