Sunday, November 14, 2010

a time to just relax.... a time to reflect

Thank you for your prayers!

mi wala sembe, ama..... I am weak but I in God's grace I made it though the last four weeks.

    List of random things that happened within the last month...
  • I've had way to many marriage proposals
  • I love doing prenatals and catching babies
  • I've tried balut
  • I can't say....that I've never caught a baby....
  • I've gone though college math, stats classes in just over 3 weeks time
  • I got to meet with some compassion international translators
  • I've learned how to cook for 4 people and up to 30 people
  • I've learned the value of friendship
  • I love early morning quiet time with Jesus on the balcony
  • I love it that I can skype with people back home
  • At first I wasn't sure how the 2am skype date with TFBC college group would go, but I enjoy so much... I find that at 3am Davao is quiet and I can just relax in the quietness
  • I love it when I don't even have to say anything on skype and my friends know what I am thinking.... ; )
  • I love being busy, but I come to learn that I do need time off and I need to manage my time well so I can take the time off that is needed
  • I love getting letters ... I've only gotten one so far... so if you want to write and don't have my address contact me and I would love to give you the mailing address. : )

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