Friday, November 26, 2010

what you do for a warm shower...

So its Friday night, and its been a long day. I spent last night texting my first 1st patient and because Muhammad wasn't feeling well and I didn't have load of my phone for 3 days... So there was lots to talk about. So finally around 11:30 I finally put my phone down and decided I needed sleep and I can text in the morning.

Around 6 I woke up to another text.... The Lord is faithful Muhammad was up, feeling much better and no more fever! YAY! Its been amazing to see Jesus work in so many ways.

At 7 I got to call home and say hello to everyone at my grandma's for thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the way God answer prayers!! I was in need of some family time even though it was short because of the internet and my the little ones getting on the phone and hanging up. I am thankful for each of the little 5-10 min conversations I got to have before prenatals.

Prenatals... initual prenatals.. they normally happen on Monday but we had another on Friday. close to 60 new patient and the Lord again answered our prayer that we would get done about the same time as normal Friday prenatal... between 11- and noon... Monday inituals usually go until 1-2pm... We got done at 11:20 am...yay!

I was on shift for both initual prenatal this week, and I took two conts. One is 13 weeks and the other is 17 weeks. I am super excited... the patient I took today is 16 and is 13 weeks, its er first baby, she is a twin, super sweet, really excited to have the baby, she had the biggest smile when she got to hear heart tones... she was unsure about the injections I had to give her and overall she just needed someone to love on her. At first she was really unsure if she wanted prayer when I asked, however in the end she was crying on my shoulder, that was when I knew I wanted to be her midwife and see her though this pregancy.

After prenatals we had a staff meeting at 1:30 which went well and then off to Mediterranean cafe... for lunch/dinner and the doughnut shop to work on homework...

Now I get to the title of the blog... after a crazy week of being sick, catching a baby, being homesick, being really overwhemed... I am off to the gym to go swim and finally get a hot shower... That was all it took to convince me to go with another classmate to the gym... $3 entrance fee... and I can go swim and then a hot shower...yay! While she does yoga I am off to do a few laps in the pool and then sauna... and finally a nice hot shower...

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