Monday, November 1, 2010

1st up.... 1st handle....Oh My....

Its was a quiet night shift, no labors, no postpartum endorsed.... Which was great because I didn't feel very well, 4 hours of sleep within the last two days, and lots of coffee was taking effect.

However in the middle of the taking pictures and making random videos, two labors came in around midnight....

So Michaela and I were the first two up. Vitals were done, IE done (I got to do my first IE), both were active enough where we addmitted them into the clinic.

At first I was so flustered, what so I do, what do I say... I've checked patients in before, I guess its just my nerves. However she was super sweet, she labored well, breathed though ctx well. She was disabled and couldn't completely straighten one leg, she stated that she got hurt when she was 10 years old, so she had lived most of her life with this disability. So we let her labor sitting on the side of the bed because it was the most comfortable place.

Patient: G4 P3 at the time, 28 years old, oldest 7, youngest 2, had all three at home. (Thank the Lord she came to Mercy for this birth).

While talking with her in between ctx I learned that she lived kinda far out, her husband (bana) who was asleep on the other bed worked pumping gas at a gas station, that she wasn't planning on having any more kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. (Her ultrasound stated that the baby was a baby boy, and Muhammad was going to be his name.)

Around 2 am she became really active, more vocal and asked if Amber and I would sit next to her and hold her hands though ctx. At 2:38am Muhammad came into the world, a little blue, a cord coil, and still within the membrance sac (very sl bow, but bow), but had a strong cry and pinked right up.

However within a few minutes the mother started to gush blood, in the end over 2500cc. So we got her stable and sent her to SPMC. So the rest of shift we got to watch baby muhammad.

Michaela and I with the two babies born on shift, and Muhammad and I.

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