Monday, October 25, 2010

1st time list

As many of you know I've had a really busy week. A very hard week....

Here is a list of the 1st time things that happened this week.

  • got my 1st letter in the mail (from Ester one of my grandmas friends)
  • 1st Monday prenatal (1st prenatal/ interview day at the clinic)
  • 1st time I've been asked if I would be the one to handle/catch her BB
  • 1st time I've seem a spider eat a cockroach
  • 1st time I've had a jumping spider crawl all over me
  • 1st time I've seen someone make a plan to kill a spider
  • 1st time I've seen lysol spilled on a spider to try and kill it/slow it down
  • 1st time I've had two night shifts in a row
  • 1st time on outreach Is Verde
  • 1st assist ( Archy )
  • getting news that Archy passed away at DMC : (
  • 1st time i've been out in the country side in two months
  • this week was the 1st time I've gone out to visit a Philippino family
  • 1st time I've had slightly rotten tuna
  • 1st time I've been given over 8 lbs of banannas
  • 1st time I've been on a jeepney and all the men on board were searched
  • 1st time I've been called plump/fat in my scrubsm\ (but I'm sexy in jeans and t-shirt)
  • first time I've been called mam Heidi instead of my nickname hidz
  • tonight for dinner I had peaches for the 1st time at dinner, peaches and chicken on rice yum!! : )

Well I am off to night shift again...

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