Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kopi Luwak!

Kope Luwak... from the

"Kopi" is the Indonesian word for coffee and the "Luwak" is the indigenous animal who plays an "active" role in the harvesting of the raw coffee cherries. The Luwak feasts on ripe, red coffee cherries seeking out the sweet taste of the cherry itself, wanting little to do with the parchment of the coffee. Once the Luwak eats the cherry, the parchment covered coffee beans are passed out of the Luwak, with the parchment cover still protecting the green coffee beans.

The local natives gather up the limited amount of the Luwak processed parchment coffee, remove the parchment shell, and ultimately ship it to the coffee broker.

Kopi Luwak has a very unique and distinguishable roasting smell and taste... like no other coffee.

other names- Motit Coffee - the Philippines
Kape Alamid - Taglog areas of the Philippines

So, why am I writing about this.... I am about to try Kope Luwak!

At Kangaroo its called Kapi Balos....

Its around $5.50 and it comes in a little french press and served with little cups. Pictures below... My roomate Jacqueline and Kayla who were also at Kangaroo, tried it earlier today.

Ashton and I went and tried to find Coffee for Peace a really neat coffee shop, but it was closed, so we spent our day in NCCC mall at a coffee shop until our 2 hour free internet was used up and moved to Kanga. So decided we would share the Kapi Balos after getting good rating....

Enjoy the pics!

It was really good, really strong but very good! I would get it again, but only if I split it with someone becaue of the price, but it is cheaper than the $3-400 a lb which is the selling price online.

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