Monday, October 4, 2010

Kangaroo and Crisco

So if you are reading this I am sure you are asking why is the title "Kangaroo and Crisco".

Some of you know what I mean when I mention the word Kangaroo, I am not talking about the animal but a Coffee shop in Davao city. Crisco is just Crisco (shortening) and the adventure that I had this morning in the kitchen.

About a month ago I went on my first motorcyle ride with another student to Yellow Hauz coffee shop and I loved it, and it was perfect place to study, have lunch, and relax in Air Con. However sadly it has been closed now for over two weeks. So I've been trying out other coffee places, and this is how I found Kangeroo.

Kangeroo is owned by some Christians here in the city so its really cool to see other missionaries coming and going thoughout the day! The best part of Kangeroo is they are open from 8:30am-midnight! So I get up early : ) and get a full day to study before I have to come back to Mercy for class or even swing shift. Most coffee shops here open at 9 or 10 and don't stay open that late.

So if you find that I am online 5-8 hours straight I am most likely at Kangeroo working on my assignment. I tend to leave my facebook, e-mail, and skype on while I am working. I've already had a few people ask on why I tend to be online all the time...I promise I do get work done! I get more work done at a coffee shop then at the house, with air con, music, and coffee or blended drink I am set to work for hours and I don't go back home until I get something accomplished.

Now onto the Crisco....and I probably should add the word ants to the title!

We always have ants at the Orange house, however within the last week I've noticed that they have been multiplying like crazy! Especially around the microwave and along the back wall of our kitchen. If only I had an really nice camera I could take a picture of it!

I am on cooking duty this week, which means once a month I get to make dinner M-F for the Orange House. We come up with a shopping list and meal plans, then Monday we go to the Agdao market (pick up eggs, peanuts, get peanut butter made (yum!! : ) ),fruit and veggies, then its Gmall or Victoria Mall to get things from the supermarket. Last time I was on cooking duty I got a big tub of Crisco shortening because it was really expensive to buy the little small tubs. Sadly I know now that its not the best idea.

I think you can put the picture together.....

The Ants decided to make their home in the big tub of Crisco!! That was why the ants were all along the back walk of out kitchen and directly above the microwave. The baking supplies are located in the cabinet above the microwave and toaster. I have no idea how they made it into the tub because the lid was sealed but they did. The funny part is i didn't notice it because I picked up the Crisco container and put it on the table and continued to work on making dough for donuts tonight. The amount of ants didn't even cross my mnd, until another student (Beth) came in and was like we have a little house of ants on the table. Finally Beth decided she would open with caution this tub of Criso since my hands were covered in dough..... It wasn't Crisco anymore, it was a mix of Crisco, grains of rice and lots and lots of little ants!

* we did have another smaller tub of Crisco which I could finish my doughnuts with...

pics coming soon of dinner... Breakfast for dinner and doughnut party afterwards with the green house!

Note* If you want to keep ants away they say you can smear a line of crisco around dog bowls and things like that and the ants won't cross the barrier..(the recipe to keep ants it only works with Crisco)..The container said it was crisco maybe it wasn't the true brand??

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