Friday, October 8, 2010

Life in Davao day and night....

Day Shift! Bright and early 6 am shift!

5 hours of sleep... maybe I had a really weird dream so when I woke up I didn't get back to sleep... so most likely 3-4 hours of sleep!

4:45am alarm.... 15 min untill I have to get out of bed!

a cold Shower to wake up and leftover cashew chicken over to begin my day.

5:15 am yay I get a good half hour of quiet time out on the balcony.... : ) *or at least that was my plan)...

the house was quiet, no cars going down the street, Yay!! Perfect time to sit up on the railing of the balcony and watch the sunrise, and just soak up the morning air before the heat.

As I opened my Bible and finshed my food... maybe 5:20, the little shack down the road starts blasting 90's pop music!

So much for a quiet morning! Then it was an airplane... random carn horns ... not really the best wake up call :(... but I did get 5 minutes of complete silence...

5:35am... I see some people walking down the street. It was Ate (aunt or respectful term for elder women) Mi. At first I wasn't sure who it was but I knew it had to be someone from Mercy because some was talking to me... "Don't fall I don't think anyone will catch you"

I sit up on the railing on the balcony, when ever I get a chance, unless it rains, because that gets kinda dangerous. However sitting up on the 2nd floor on the railing may not be safe either, but its comfortable, and I enjoy the view!

* when it rains the floor gets very slippery on the balcony, so jumping down, or using one of the chairs to get off the railing in the rain can cause some painful buises! So that doesn't happen anymore, :(

Day shift! 6am...

postpartum... newborn exam and bath... a great way to
start the shift!

8am time to make guaze.... fold and fold and fold... then you have to take two pieces and wrap them in paper.

10 am 3 labors... still making gauze....

noon... quiet shift.. still making guaze.. go home to the orange house and make lunch... (rice, garlic, eggs, and onions with veggies on the side)

12:30 more gauze making....

* Beth brings in my parcel package is here!!

1:30 last vital checks on labors... 1 labor high BP... pt goes to DMC

1:45 pm finish guaze making (1/2 the stack... maybe 100 packages.... it was crazy! The pile just kept getting bigger and bigger)

2:00 end of shift

2:30 still in birthroom because of DMC trip

2:45pm trip to post office... motorcycle trip across town...

3:15pm walk around with my big package trying to find a taxi, jeepney, motor to take me back to mercy... no one... walk a couple blocks... JP Laurel.. I know that name :) going in the right direction.

3:40pm get back to Mercy and open my package... Tillimook Cheese, crackers!! Yum!!

4:00- forgot that I was meet my roomate to go to coffee shop...

4:15- find my roommate sleeping at the green house under one of the study tables....

4:30- back to the orange house to get ready

5 leave for coffee shop, no motorcyle driver :( ... we decide to take a tricy...

5:20pm- arrive at Kangaroo, tricy wants to charge us 100 peso, motor is 15 each (30 total)... finally we settle for 80, however next time we know we need to ask before we jump in! Get settled at Kanga... plan another kanga coffee trip with another missionary family I met at church via text for Wed : )

5:45 Dinner BLT and white mocha....

Study time

8:30 cheesecake and milkshake

10 still working on assignment

11pm Kangaroo is still packed with people, very busy... on facebook because its to loud to study

12:15 am ... still at Kangaroo.... light dim low... romantic mood..... 45 min until it closes... about time to text a taxi home....

so that is a day of a midwife... or at least a little snapshot of life here.

Well its 12:30 I need to text a taxi so it is here before the shop closes and pack up my things. Good morning to everyone (Sat morning). For those in the NW Have a wonderful Friday!

1 Back at Mercy... cup of orange juice, and milo no bake cookies with peanuts in them for late night early morning snack! :)

Now I am set for bed... maybe...

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