Friday, October 29, 2010

Prenatal Friday

Psalm 34:1

fetalscope and tape measure

my pink stethescope "grace be with you" ending to the book of Titus

psalm 139:13

Fetalscope and tape measure again

Reasons why I love Fridays!

  • Its Friday.... : ) weekend is here
  • 7:45 devotion with Prenatal Friday clinic staff
  • Prenatal clinic every Friday unless I had Monday clinic
  • I get to see lots of buntis... (pregnant women)
  • Worship in Cebuano and sometimes English @ 8 in the waiting room before health teaching.... The buntis are so cute when they sing and do hand motions or kaiy kaiy...(exercises) : ) I hope I'm that cute when I'm pregnant.
  • practice Cebuano
  • do prenatals : )
  • listen to the baby's kasing kasing... (heart)
  • I love to let the women listen to imong bata kasing kasing...(their baby's heart sounds) with the fetalscope... smiling buntis : ) so so precious! (monday clinic is the best with first time mothers... when they hear their babys heart rate!)
  • palpate to find the babys position.... I find it weird when I can palpate and say of that is the foot or hand and most of the time I get kicked/punched...I don't they they like someone grabbing or their little feet/hands : )
  • I get to give injections
  • praying with the buntis before they go
  • being able to recognize patients : ) ... especially when they come into the birthroom : ) and give birth on shift... then I get to meet the little one : )

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