Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a long but great day of cooking!!

A short picture story of what its like on dinner nights!

1-11 (starting from the corner and working your way down.)

1.Lets have buko Juice for dinner, Ashton cutting the coconut

2. Draining the juice

3. Cutting out dough to make donuts!

4. the dough (this picture was taken after I had made 4 other pans!)

* In the end we had enough dough to send some to Matt and Krys,Manny and Heathers house, and take some up to the Filipina staff upstairs at the clinic.

5. Dinner pancakes (Ashton found food coloring, so we had lime green, pink, purple, blue, pancakes!)

6. We also has eggs, bacon (cooked with rosmary), and fruit salad.

7. Donuts! Lots of Donuts! With nutella, and homemade frosting!

8. We invited the green house to join us... great fellowship over donuts!

9 -11 Eating donuts and deciding to play with the excess frosting...

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  1. Hi Heidi,
    I'm so glad Linda sent you my way. What a blessing. Yes, we will be leaving for Liberia in just a few short weeks. I'm a birth doula/childbirth educator. I'm so excited for you and all that you are doing/learning in the Philippines. You will certainly be used up in Africa wherever the Lord plants you. Let me know how I can encourage/pray for you. I love making connections via the web. What a great thing!