Saturday, January 15, 2011

Always something new

This is going just be a fun post....

I am amazed at how many little things I've learned since coming her... not all dealing with midwifery.

  • I learned that you can put 3-5 people on a motor.
  • I've learned how to text crazy! I hated it when I was home, but with conts and people wanting to change shifts I have to have it with me 24/7.
  • nothing is normal here, something can always change
  • Today I took a motor to a coffee shop with Ashton ( 2 girls + close to 40-50lb with our bags... computer, books) I was in the middle and the guy had my bag in front of him and I held it up with my hands as her drove. Then Ashton had her bag one her back. Crazy!!
  • I've learned to double check eggs and if they shake its not a good sign... I had three rotten eggs last week... worst smell ever!! especially after night shift 6 am...eggs and toast sounds good, but after nasty grey nasty stuff comes out no thanks!
  • I've learned how to cook (from scratch no box cooking for me)
  • angel food cake (yum yum!)
  • homemade chicken broth
  • homemade potato/bacon soup
  • tortilas
  • I may get a lesson on how to make yogurt soon!
  • chicken soup
  • chicken & rice
  • spanish rice
  • beer batter fish
  • pumpkin pie
  • homemade pies
  • homemade puddings
  • homemade bread
  • pretzels
  • fried rice
  • choco bannana bread
  • sour cream

It seems like I am always finding something new to try, I go into the kitchen and see what we have and then get to baking... yesterday day it was tortilla with cheese and bacon, sour cream and avacado. yum yum!!

On to midwifery.... on the next post... just say I was in the wrong place and couldn't get out.

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