Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Hazy Dream

I can't really but to words everything that has happened the last two days. I know a few of you know the story. So I will just share a tiny portion of what has happened.

Last thursday I found out I had to teach fetal development on Friday, so I used a powerpoint outline to study from as i prepared for Friday. Friday morning I made some corrrection to my outline and then went over for prenatals. When I got over to the clinic I couldn't find my outline, it has disappeared. So I went with what I knew from A&P fetal development class last year, and did the presention. Taking a college level fetal development class and turning it into a 15 min health teaching for 40 buntis (pregnant ladies) isn't easy, to keep it short and simple.

I would love to just sit down over some coffee of tea with someone and share how awesome the miricle of life and birth is. How great is our God... I can't say enough.... The changes that happen are a testimony of Psalms 139.. He knit us in our mothers womb....

I've been so streached so thin this week... I've been sick, I've had traumatic birth, yet I've had amazing fellowship and I've grown closer to the Lord though it all.

Friday afternoon I went to kangeroo coffee shop, and within an hour I had to go home because I wasn't feeling well again. Soon I was running a fever and I knew I needed to go home and sleep. Even though I had lots to do, I knew I couldn't study and retain information needed. So I slept from 3 until 6. I was woke up to Beth another housemate telling me I had a cont. I was so confused, at first I thought it was a dream. I got down and prepared to go the clinic... or so I thought in my dream until the lights come on in my room and my roomate throws me scrubs... its not a dream... I am a cont, preterm fully and pushing at the clinic.... Then it hit me, this wasn't going to be a normal birth, I only had two conts over 30 weeks. one at 33 or 34 and one at 36, and I knew it wasn't Lhea because she would of sent a text.

I get to the clinic and am still not yet awake, unsure if my fever was gone, and quite uneasy because I knew it had to my cont that was 34 weeks. I get in as they prepare transport paper and the baby's head is visible, so its decided we will let her deliver just in case she delivers of the way to the hospital. We have more room, more hands and we can transport the baby within a few min of birth if it doesn't look good. The baby is born within 20 mins, small but great cry and muscle tone. Praise the Lord. Yet the mother wasn't doing well. 2 IV given, uterine stimulant and her uterus is contracted but she is still bleeding. So we transport within 30 min after birth both mother and baby... I am back within an hour, shaken, still quite hazy to what went on.

This morning I spent my morning in the Word, and trying to take some time to process everything, finally I made my way to clinic and got the paper work for my cont to sign, birth certificate and such, and made my way to the gov hospital. Sadly I spent 45 min and couldn't find any information on her or the baby. It looks like she may of been discharged, I will going again Sunday afternoon to check again. If she isn't at the hospital I am going to try and find her house, and visit her.

Please continue to pray for her and her baby. Pray that I can get in contact with her, some way some how. At the hospital at mercy, or at her house.

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