Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To live in His Glory

So if you've read my last post, you know I was in the middle of reading " A Dare to Call Him Father" a Pakistani women and her encounter with God.

This past week I've been extremely busy, 4 night shift and a day shift. Couple skype dates, meeting with conts, classes and assignment.

As I finished Sunday I was tired, yet at peace as God had meet me, meet me in my weakness. Yet I knew what was next. I knew the question.... What are you going to do about this?

In Midst of my failures God is with me. In the hardships he is with me. In my weakness He is my strength. So I spent the next two days reflecting, praying though the hurt, failures, and pain that was in the way of God working. Slowly God was lifting the veil, and I knew he was with me. I knew he was in control. Praise the Lord!!!

Monday afternoon I sat on my bed reading Ephesians straight though. Jesus our Prince of Peace, in his grace can we hope. The book came alive, it awake my heart, soften my heart as I seemed to float away in his peace.

Soon I found myself wanting to finish the book that I had started on Sunday, however God kept saying wait and read it on Sunday and Tues during Night Shift. So I was obedient and again he meet me last night on night shift.

Again in another strange way. I was last up, since I had caught a baby only 32 hours before. I was expecting to have a postpartum patient to check thoughout the night, however the supervisor was taking the patient. So the two other girls got the two labors at endorements and I didn't have anything to do.

For the month of Jan the clinic is having a few 2nd year Philipina students shadow at the clinic. So last night we had 3 students.

So I helped stock the clinic up and then sat down on the bench to pray and relax while I could. Soon I found myself picking up the book again and I finished the book within an hour. As I finished I found myself almost in tears. For as I finished he said look up and you will find those who you are called to, on the other bench was one of the shadowing Philipina students a young muslim girl sitting across from me.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the holy spirit you may about in hop. Romans 15:13

With what seemed like hours it finally hit midnight, I had only been on shift for two hours. Soon a labor came in, and I was working vitals. Things seemed normal however I soon noticed that she had no Heb screening, so I was off to the hospital. In a rush the patient was thrown out, I know that seems weird yet because she hadn't taken gone to the doctor refused prenatals and didn't get the Heb screening, she deliberately had made the statement that she didn't care what happened to her or the baby. Again God was touching my heart though this women. I was again but in a place where I felt uncomfortable, unsure of what was to happen. So I was given the transport papers and I tried to fill them out as we went to the hospital. That God for the midwifery student that was shadowing me, because she kept the patient calm and talked her though breathing and other things as I needed to finish paper work.

As we made it to the hospital I soon was overwhelmed, I was unsure of what to even say to the doctor except what I knew because I had just met the women maybe five minutes ago. With close to 30 patients in the OR emerg I passed on the paperwork, the wavier and soon found the person with the record has disappeared and I as back to Mercy.

However as I got to Mercy I reliezed I needed the original copies of the prenatal that were at the hospital. So I was again back on my way to the hospital with another midwife and another patient. In the end we got the paperwork back, but it was again a strange night. A wonderful night of being with the Lord, yet a night of hardship. Yet again he is Faithful.

So I again was back laying down on the bench reading my bible and journal, until at 3:30 when we had a birth. #49, It seems weird to say that I've gotten to see 49 babies come into this world. Within the world of birth life and death is so near, its a new reality, a reality that I saw in Africa, the reality that many women have no one to care for their needs in pregancy. In the hardships I've come to find God, I've come to find the only way to live is in his Glory.

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