Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I never thought I would do...

So today it hit me while I was on a motor to kangeroo to go study..... I have done a lot of things that I thought I would never do.

  • Ride a motor...
  • Ride a motor sideways
  • Wear leggings
  • be freezing cold at 75
  • wearing sweat or leggings and a long sleeve shirt in 85 degrees
  • crave a BLT sandwich... sometimes its the only reason I go to kangeroo... I never ate them back home... so yes I am eating one now : )
  • I would never stand up and do a health teaching without an outline
  • make homemade veggie soup w/okra and eggplant
  • make homemade angel food cake
  • cook with rice flour... rice flour crepes
  • ride a motorbike in skirt and legging sideways with 30lb of books on my back
  • live in a city of 4 million... its the 8th largest city in land area
  • pay to go to see bats ... magfort bat caves largest bat population in the world... 1.8 million.. its on samal island so about 40 min away.
  • deliver babies ( if you would asked me two years ago... my response would of been... you must be joking)... how time changes... now I love it!
  • pay $25 and make homemade potato/bacon/cheese soup... so yummy but in the end it cost me the same as going out for the weekend maybe a little more. : (


  1. These things make great memories. I hope you're taking lots of photos!

  2. My camera broke :( about a month agao.. sayang... and they are way to expensive here. I can kinda take picture with my other camera but I can't view them on the screen, so its kinda point and shoot and hope I get a picture, and when I put them the card in my computer the pictures are really dark.