Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life... a Gift from God

As I prepare for fetal health teaching... I've come to realize that fetal development is something that I am passionate about.... the miracle of life... the miracle of birth... Its so amazing... words can't describe it.

To be able to share the cycle of birth, the begining of the process as the soon to be baby implants and makes its home in the mother uterus. To how the organs form... most of it is done even before most women know they are pregnant.

Within the first eight weeks so much goes on... by week 3 the heart begin to beat though a narrow tube that will soon twist and turn to become what we know to be the heart...All along it continues to beat and supply its tiny body with nutrients.

To see how God gave his son as a payment for our sins. In love he gave everything. I've come to see that picture of Gods love even in the developing fetus.... In situations where the mother doesn't get or isn't getting enough nutrients, her body will give everything to the baby because it becomes the first priority. The mother will take all the reserve energy and or nutrients stored up in her body and give it in hopes of new life for her child....

How much bigger is the love of God....

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  1. Wow, Heidi! Great stuff! So much of God and His mind-boggling creative powers, His intricate plans, His love! Your photos are spectacular, too. Thanks for your loving ministry to babies and their mothers!