Saturday, January 15, 2011

so what do you do??

So my last birth... thursday morning... Lets call her E, she came in at 8 am, reported bow rupture at 2 am and so with MMC policy she was to be transported by 2pm with the 12 hour bow rupture policy.

She came in with a stimulant oil on her tummy, so she was having hard irregular contractions. Many patients come with it on, and or use snake oil... It doesn't help dialate the cervix, its just cause the uterus to contract and is cause very painful contractions. The snake oil smells disgusting and then others are smell like sweet mint, most of the time you can smell it as they come into the door. So she washed it off and i monitored her contractions.

It was decided that she was only going to stay if she was 4 cm or more upon an IE. She was 6 cm. E kept wanting to lay down on the bed, however the supervisior was very adament that she stand up or at least sit up. Plus it made me be more assertive with her. Her labor wouldn't progress with her on the bed, so I got her to sit up. However it took another student and myself to keep her up. Though contractions she would lean forward of backwards on us. While getting heart tones it was much easier to get them if I was sitting behind her keeping her up and she liked to raise her hands and grip my shoulders and/or neck during a contraction and I knew the other student was uncomfortable... however it soon became the worse position. She progressed super fast!!!

* 8 am admitted and baby out at 8:43 am....

She was progressing but didn't show any signs of being pushy, her contractions were starting to slow down and become regular once the oil was washed off. she was resting though contractions was breathing well though them. However I didn't have anything no birth cart or nothing, I was going to redo vitals at 8:40 and get everything ready just in case she gave birth and delivered before 2. However at 8:40 she grabs me by the neck and leans back, grabs the top of the bed and I am now trapped under her though the contraction and the Fil student is saying head, head... Oh No I am trapped under her, I yell head vis... and couldn't complete the phrase before head out... so I change the phrase to yell head out and I get her to move her arm.. try to grab gloves out of my pocket and everyone else on shift brings in the cart and I pull the baby out. Super fast progression!! no tear and a super cute bb girl.

later on that shift another bb out similar way except 6 cm and 20 min later head out with the rupture of membranes, another case of fumbling on gloves and staring at the clock... that was fast!

Sometimes is fast births, sometimes its in a taxi, jeepney, and so many other ways. Each women is diffrent, each women is loved by God, each women has her own need.

Even this morning coming off night shift, a patient came in with little pain, because her bana, (husband) had all the labor pains, he was walking around rubbing his back, his stomach, it was their 5th baby and with each one she didn't have much pain except pushing the baby out. You could palpate contracts but she wouldn't flinch. Her husband would get the labor pains, sl at first and increase and then he would say oh baby will be here soon and maybe 5-10 min later baby out. I've heard of such things but never saw it until this morning!

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