Sunday, January 23, 2011

A new prespective

So its been a month since Christmas break, I am back working on assignments, catching babies and getting back into the routine of things here in Davao.

However it all seems just a little diffrent in a good way. Every day I find that God is opening my eyes to something new, something better, its refreshing, challenging, awakening. Every day His mercy flows, his grace covers me.

My last couple blogs I talked about " I dare to Call him father" and it has challenged me and had broken my heart to pieces. In the midst of the busy life here in Davao, the clinic, midwifery studies, God has opened my eyes to things unseen. I've come to terms with my past, my testimony and I've come to see God's hand as he provided my needs, protected me thoughout my childhood. I've come to learn that my childhood wasn't normal, its wasn't easy, it was quite the opposite.

So much of life was filled with manipulation, abuse, and misinterpreted truth, that all I have is Gods promises of his love, his truth. May by his grace can I relearn how to view life, love people and walk in his steps. I am so thankful for his faithfulness. I can't do it alone, I can't function without Him.

I am not the same, I don't even remember who I was five months ago. I wasn't open about my past, I wasn't open to new idea, I was terrified of change. I wanted to do things for God, yet I didn't want to let go of the hurt, the pain that was once held up inside. Its a process that will take a lot of time, by God's grace by his healing I can move on.

I'll update later on how God is showing more and more on foma hope and the idea of using midwifery and reaching out to Muslims... in health care and church planting

I want to say thank you Linda Thomas in encouraging me to continue on taking time to journal and blog about my experiences and be honest on what God is teaching me. Its been a huge blessing!!


  1. Hi,Heidi! I appreciate your sharing, and I LOVE what God is doing in your life and heart. Bless you for your tender heart in following Him. Life is such a journey.... and now that I'm an old woman, I see that God is with us every moment, hovering over us, concerned for us, loving us.... Hang in there, Heidi! You're in my prayers!


  2. Thanks Linda I need it... its been a challenge, yet rewarding, lots of heartache, tear, tears of joy and pain. Yet God is with us each moment!