Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lets dance...

So as of this morning my last baby was on Thursday day shift, and it was quite the experience.... getting pinned to the bed, as the mother pushed the head out. I wish I could of had it on film... or at least my expression as head was coming out... not the birth itself, but my reaction as i tried to get the mother to sit up a tiny bit so I could get up and put on gloves and catch the baby!

It has become the highlight of the week for the orange house, who can reenact the scence the best, or who can tell the story the best!

I was expecting to go onto shift and rest, maybe read a little from the word, or work on my assignment. However I was first up even though I had caught a baby five day before. So a labor came in at 3:30pm. My Patient Janice was 41 5/7 and had EPO done at 11am this morning. So after checking her I put her name on the board and she was admitted to MMC. 6-7cm, strong contractions and a super great attitude about labor and delivery. So after having her fill out the paper work I got to meet her husband and her 4 year old daughter.

As her labor progressed she became active, and was doing pelvic rocking and diffrent exercises to help the baby decend into the pelvis. I fell in love with this family as i watched them interact. Her daughter would stand up with her mom and dance as her mom had a contraction or was doing the pelvic rocking. Cute so so Cute!

Around 7pm they came inside the birthroom and the daughter started to color and her mom moved into the transition phase of labor. However her daughter soon got tired of trying to color and began to dance again but this time she asked me to join. So soon all four of us (from 8-8:30)... my patient, her husband, daughter and I were all pelvic rocking back and forth... an amazing moment!!

I can't believe I'm now in the double digits
(#10) in my number of deliverys/handles... @ 9:40 pm Janice gave birth to a baby girl!
Her 4th baby! yay! congrats!

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